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Suggest a Riddle which will feature in this page

The following were submitted by readers looking for a solutions. Can anyone help?

1>There was a man walking on a sandy desert and every time he looked behind him, he didn't see any footprints; there were no strong winds on that day. Explain.
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2>Three riders riding by, three pears hanging high. Each man takes a pear, but still leave three hanging there. How?
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3>6 to 5 and then four, as 2 to 4 reveals 1. I am fire. I am of 20. What am I?
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4>David Hopper-3 men walk into a hotel (together) and ask for a room. The clerk charges them $30. Each man pays $10. Later that night the clerk decides he over charged them. He gives the bell boy $5 and tells him to take it to them men. On the way to the room the bell boy remembers the men did not tip him, so he keeps $2 of the $5 for himself. He gets to the room with the $3 left and gives one dollar to each man. Therefore each man paid $9. 9x3 is 27, plus 2 that the bell boy kept equals 29. Where is the last dollar?
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Suggest a Riddle which will feature in this page

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