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As it happens in this part of the world, every other person you bump into is software professional. So, I am also in this industry from last one year and that is the reason why I started a site on Mathematics which is my all time favorite subject

From last 1 year I am working for as a web programmer which is my first job.

My professional skill set includes HTML, JAVA SCRIPT , JSP ASP programming as well as C, C++ and COBOL(which is my fav comp. language).


He is my Neighbor cum best friend. although he is 18 year old his ideas are great.

Currently he is doing BSc.(Computer Science) at B.H.S frist grade college Bangalore.

Iam very thankful to him for helping me in building this site. He is the person who will be incharge of maintainance of this site.

That's all for now, I will add few more things aboutus as time progresses.

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