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The Great Train conspiracy

Nathan has an aunt Marie living 50 miles to his east and another aunt Clara living 50 miles to the west. Nathan lives close to the railway station and decides to visit one of his aunts every week. There are trains to both heading East and West ; the number of trains are equal in both the directions , in fact, equal numbers every hour,

Nathan decides to adopt a simple system which will also ensure that he does not have to waste time waiting in his station. He will go the station whenever he is free and take whatever train happens to come to the station next and go east bound to visit aunt Marie or west bound to visit aunt Clara. He figures that over a period of one year , this arrangement should work out all right .

To his amazement , at the end of the year, aunt Marie is very upset with him for being very mean and partial in his affections; her complaint was that he has been paying much larger number of visits to Clara. Well ,assuming that Clara does not have a beautiful daughter nor she cooks much better than Marie - What do you think has happened here?

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