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Mathematicians of India Magical Equations
  • Srinivas Ramanujan The genius who introduced the concept of infinity to the world.

  • Aryabhata The genius who introduced Zero and Pi(3.14) to the world.
check out amazing magical equations.
  • Consecutive Numbers
  • Consecutive Square Numbers.
  • Sum of Consecutive Cubes.
  • Sum of Consecutive Odd numbers.
Magical Calculation Puzzels
Check out the easiest method of finding square of any two digit numbers.

  • Ancient India's Contribution to Mathematics: It was from this translation of an Indian text on Mathematics that the Arab mathematicians perfected the decimal system and gave the world its current system of enumeration which we call the Arab numerals, which are originally Indian numerals.

  • Ancient India's Contribution to ASTRONOMY: Astronomy is one area which has fascinated all mankind from the beginnings of history. In India the first references to astronomy are to be found in the Rig Veda which is dated around 2000 B.C.
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